Seller Cloud is a multichannel ecommerce solution that helps online retailers to streamline and update their inventory and keep a record of customer orders across their website and similar other online marketplaces. It involves the task of managing inventory from numerous ecommerce stores to a single online platform which requires a high level of experience and expertise. We have a team that is conversant in working with Seller Cloud and listing products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Newegg, Sears, Rakuten, eBay, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Opencart etc.

Product catalog management

We help you add new products along with detailed information including SKUs, description, title, image, price etc. with utmost accuracy. We also create Shadow Products (SKU) and Product Kits to enhance the visibility of your products.

Shadow products (SKU)

We can help you list your products in substitutable places by creating Shadow products (SKU), which is a virtual product whose inventory belongs to a definite inventoried SKU. For eg. if Amazon allows only a single SKU to be listed once under a category, we enable you to list a single product under many categories.

Product Kits

A product kit is created in Seller Cloud’s specified template and can consist of multiple units of the same product or a group of different products together as a kit.

Product cloning

Our team experts can help you create a separate identical product cloned from the original product, containing the original item’s product information like title, images and UPC numbers. This saves your time and effort in adding uniform products.

Bulk product upload

We are adept at adding a large number of new products at once and updating product information in quick turnaround time.

Product image editing

We help you upload better product images with the use of advanced photo editing software whereby you can edit, crop and resize images while adhering to the photo upload guidelines of various marketplaces.

To learn more about our services, kindly feel free to contact our team.