is an online platform for global multi-channel retailers to sell their products at huge profits. It reaches out to a large number of customers thereby allowing sellers to expand their business.

Product data entry provides prompt and economical product listing services to help you manage your products on Sears. Our competent team will guide you to optimise the abundant opportunities and increase your sales through Sears. We provide efficient and reliable services while following the product listing guidelines set by Sears. Our team members are experts at uploading products belonging to a range of industries such as electronics, medical equipment, baby products, watches, jewellery, apparels etc. We manage all tasks right from product research to customer support and back office operations. We cover majority of Sears marketplace models and cater to all kinds of client requirements who wish to list their products on Sears.

Our services include the following

Product data entry
We create suitable data listings based on the products you wish to sell and related product information. We are adept at adding product data fields like product title, brand, description, features, attributes, images, shipping information etc.

Product category management
To enable customers have the best shopping experience, our experts aptly categorise your products into categories and sub categories. This helps visitors to easily navigate and find the desired items.

Product description writing
We provide unique and relevant description for your products so that customers are left with no confusion regarding product details. The content is SEO friendly and persuasive and the language used is easy to understand.

Image editing
We edit and beautify your product images to make them more appealing, while also complying with the photo upload guidelines of Sears.

Sears inventory management
We help you keep a tab on inventory levels and regularly update availability to make sure that your store is plush and restored.

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