Rakuten is regarded as one of the highest ranked ecommerce marketplaces. They give amazing shopping experience to the customers as well as retailers, giving them personalised service and contentment. Product data entry helps you upload products successfully to Rakuten with a view to increase customer base and boost sales. We offer you a complete range of Rakuten Product Listing Services retaining complete control over the level of accuracy. We possess the required expertise to create listings for all kinds of products on Rakuten and services include

Rakuten SKU feeds creation

We help you add new products to Rakuten marketplace and make sure to follow product feed specification laid down by Rakuten. We enter details like product ID, product type, brand, listing ID, price, manufacturer name, shipping details in the new SKU feed template accurately.

Product image editing

We edit images to make them more appealing to customers, while adhering to the image dimensions required. We edit image background and give it a white background as required by Rakuten. Our image editing services also take care of image enhancement, cropping, resizing, rotating, masking, HDR blending and so on.

Product category management

We smartly classify your products in most suitable categories or sub categories to make product search simple and effortless.

Product description writing

We have an expert team of copywriters, who are adept at generating unique and compelling product descriptions for a range of product types such as apparels, furniture, baby products, sports gear, electronics etc. We use rich keywords to define products and make them search engine friendly.

Product attribute creation

We help you define each item through accurate and standardised attributes like size, weight, height, colour, shape, brand etc.

Rakuten back office support

We manage your back office operations to ensure a smooth flow of shopping process for customers. Our back office services include order tracking and processing, inventory management, competitor price monitoring etc.

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