In today’s market, there is an immense demand for product data and related details which makes product data management an indispensable part of ecommerce business. Efficient management of data is bound to give you a competitive advantage and numerous other benefits including effective navigation and increased revenue.  Product Data Entry is a recognised entity in product data management services and adopts a very strategic approach towards marketing of product data. Some of our key services include

Product data classification

Product data entry offers you reliable and economic services. Our classification experts are well adept at handling diverse and voluminous data. They have in-depth knowledge of all kinds of product domains. They smartly classify your data within a quick period without causing any mix up of codes and schemas. We are excellent at multi standard classification and use customised and proprietary standards for classification purposes.

Taxonomy development

Product categories must not be confusing since that would be burdensome for customers to locate a product he desires. In order to make your e store customer friendly products must be aptly categorised and we help you achieve this task with ease. Our experienced team will help you categorise all types of products rationally so as to build a loyal and regular pool of customers.

Data cleansing and normalisation

We offer you fast and affordable data cleansing services to remove any irregularities, errors and duplication. We also aid you in standardisation of your store’s data and rid your product database of redundant and obsolete data.

Product data enrichment

Product data must be as descriptive and specific as possible. It should be comprehensive and able to satisfy all the queries that a potential customer might pose, and finally convince him to make a favourable decision. In no case should your product data be misinforming or inconsistent as this would directly affect the success and reputation of your ecommerce business. We help you create rich product data for all sorts of ecommerce products including bags, apparel, watches, furniture and medical equipment.

Data matching and de duplication

With continuous growth of ecommerce business, the volume of data also increases considerably. This results in a lot of data duplication and accumulation of redundant data. Irrelevant and obsolete information leads to confusion and adversely affects your store’s image. Product Data Entry offers excellent data matching and de duplication services to free you database of junk material.

Data migration services

It may happen that you are not contended with the current performance of your system and may want to switch to another system or upgrade the existing one. For this you need to migrate all your product data which a very complex and time consuming task. Our team experts will select an appropriate ecommerce platform which suits your business needs and are well versed with customising ecommerce platforms such OSCommerce, X Cart, Magento, Shopify etc.

We possess proficiency in working with list and database formats and can produce processed data output in any format of your choice. Our product data management team will carry out extensive promotions through optimisation of latest products and hence increase sales. Contact us for any clarifications, we shall be glad to cater to you.