Providing completely correct and properly updated information so as to increase your store’s visitors and increase the possibility of these visitors converting into sales. Since our inception in 2009, we, at Product-Data-Entry-Services, have been constantly helping online merchants running stores on market leading eCommerce platforms like Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart, X-Cart, etc., and marketplaces like Buy /, Amazon, eBay, Sears, etc. etc., in reducing your online store’s bounce rates through the support of our product data enrichment services which help you extensively.

Before beginning with your product data enrichment project, we sincerely evaluate your product brochure to recognize and identify any lacunae in the data. We then fill up the weak links by picking up relevant data from a variety of sources like internet PDFs, online catalogs, instruction manuals on a wide range of multifarious topics, like creator’s portal etc., and we also update the required data in your product database.

With eCommerce data standardization services, we try to balance and normalize the product data to provide detailed browsing experience to the end-users. As part of our product data enrichment services, we will:
  • Add to and upgrade your item’s informative data including amongst other things availability, plans, user guide, guarantee and warranty data, etc.
  • Formation and correction of the incorrectness, spelling mistakes, typos, etc., in the product’s measuring unit
  • Remove double and incorrect entries
  • Validation of product data
  • Enrichment of the descriptions of products with keywords
  • Processing the images of the products in an attractive and catchy way.

On using our product information enrichment services, you will observe more sales, higher profits and less calls from customers for product information assistance. In short, more satisfaction which would lead to more customers and higher profits.  To learn more of our content improvement services, amongst our other services, please write to us so that we can improve our service to and for you itself.