It is not an easy task to keep track of a large number of orders and inventory, unless you are well acquainted and proficient in using latest management tools. Product Data Entry offers a complete set of order and inventory management tools designed to move your inventory appropriately as and when required. Our service solutions streamline your work order management using optimised tools to meet customer expectations and improve customer service. We have terminal inventory management software which guides you in managing inventory locations, stock history and updates for all sorts of locations including warehouses, technician trucks and virtual inventory. We use real time stock updates to assure accurate, audited and exact inventory details so as to minimise inventory leakage and write-offs.

Key features of our services include

Management of orders

We help you create purchase and sale orders within no time. You can also manage your online and offline orders from one primary section.

End to end tracking

We help you stay updated about inventory by keeping a constant check on your stock right from the point of ordering till its delivery, thereby avoiding misplacing or damage of products.

Product Shipping management

We have alliances with significant shipping services to give you the most competitive shipping rates and keep you updated about in transit information.

Strengthen supplier relations

We help you collaborate with vendors, partners, suppliers through self-serve accessibility and real time clarity.

Market forecast

We enable you predict customer demand with better insights and maintain sufficient stock levels. We also help you plan out the effect of purchase and sale orders on inventory levels.

With Product Data Entry at your service, you will be well equipped with inventory management resources and save your precious time and money, as we provide efficient solutions at affordable rates. Contact us for a quote.