Newegg is a great online store for electronics and tech product sellers. It focuses on a specific target audience and helps build trust and satisfaction among customers. At Product Data Entry, we aim at helping you gain maximum market share and boost customer confidence. We offer you a complete suite of Newegg Product Listing services which include the following

Product data feed creation

Our data entry experts create unique and persuasive product data feeds along with adding details like product title, brand, price, attributes, shipping information etc. as per your requirement.

Product creation and update

We assign experts who use suitable data feed template for your products to add new products to Newegg store, or just update the existing ones. They also appropriately classify your products into categories in Newegg marketplace.

Product feed optimisation

We help you optimise product listings and ensure that product data like titles, descriptions, URLs are SEO friendly and have rich keywords in order to gain high page rankings.

Bulk product upload

We are well versed with listing, editing and updating huge quantities of products at once by creating bulk product variation listings. We update product information like price, shipping details etc. and also verify product listings before we submit the same to Newegg.

Product description writing

We comply with Newegg quality standards regarding product descriptions and optimise content to make it SEO friendly. We use simple and user-friendly language to assist customers make the right decision.

Inventory management

We monitor your inventory regularly to avoid the possibility of overselling or stock outs. We update inventory levels by keeping a track of orders received and products dispatched.

We provide comprehensive and affordable product listing services with a quick turnaround time. We possess a highly experienced quality assurance team who review content and deliver error free results. For any queries, please feel free to contact us on customer support.