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Jet Product Listing Management

  • Merchant SKU
    It is a distinct identification used by merchants to identify products
  • Unique IDs
    You require atleast one unique ID, but for products that are not merchant specific, multiple unique IDs are preferred. Standard product code, brand name and manufacturer part number would also suffice.
  • Product title
    A precise description of not more than 500 characters representing the product.
  • Multi pack quantity
    This field indicates number of products based on UID that builds merchant SKU. This field needs to be highly accurate since it affects the product listing integrity.
  • Product price
    Total price of the product
  • Inventory
    Quantity of items for the specified product in a given fulfilment node

If a merchant desires to sell a product not matching with any item listed on catalog, then the following additional information is to be added mandatorily
  • Jet browse node ID
    Unique ID providing the location of your product
  • Product description
    In-depth product description of not more than 2000 words
  • Product image
    An alternate image along with the primary image in formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and size required is 1500×1500 pixels or larger
  • Package dimensions
    Dimensions in length, height and width when shippable
  • Shipping weight
    Weight of products in pounds when shippable

Product data entry provides reliable and affordable product listing services and provides a backing to your online business on We provide 24×7 customer support, so do let us know if we can help you out.