Online catalogs act as one the most important channels of online trade as they are easily accessible by customers all over the globe. Being in the ecommerce business, it becomes tiresome and tedious to manage product database as it deals with huge volumes of data and complex information. At Product Data Entry Services, we help you perpetually update your product inventory with accurate details. Our team is well experienced in catalog management services and promises to deliver impeccable results in a timely manner.

Our professionals will help you convert your printed catalogs to digital ones so as to achieve higher level of client satisfaction and consequently a boost in sales. We maintain product catalogs by adding or editing product details like type, image, features, price etc. Our major services are as mentioned below

  • Capturing product data from various sources like online catalogs, PDF, scanned images, manufacturer’s website
  • Catalog building and indexing. We are well experienced in transforming the accessibility of products to your customers by adding an online element to your physical printed catalogs.
  • Conversion of printed catalogs into digital catalogs for uploading them to your ecommerce store
  • Catalog data entry of product specifications such as brand name, features, manufacturer’s identity, price etc.
  • Regular updating of product prices through comparing them with competitors prices. We keep an eye on the discounts and promotional offers of your competitors so that you can adjust your product prices accordingly. Customers are on the lookout for best prices.
  • Regular updating of product images. Images are the one thing that draw immediate attention and persuade the customers to inquire about the product. We edit product images and make them look impressive. We ensure that you have the best product images on your ecommerce store.
  • Categorisation of products. We categorise your products into various categories and subcategories in such a manner that searching for a particular product by a visitor becomes smooth and uncomplicated.
  • Upload product descriptions. We provide you with original product descriptions which ensure you a higher page rank amongst major search engines. Rare and unique descriptions garner more customers and promote your website store.
  • SEO friendly URLs. We create a rich and search engine friendly URL by adding more attributes like meta tag, product description, product titles etc.

Ecommerce catalog processing services requires a high level of competence and significant effort and time, as the product data must be extracted from a number of sources. We have a trained and knowledgeable catalog processing staff who is capable of handling all kinds of catalog processing services and for all major ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Yahoo Store, Zen Cart, Bigcommerce, OSCommerce, Opencart etc. We take upon ourselves completely the responsibility of catalog processing and management and save your precious time which can be used in a more productive manner.

We provide cost effective solutions at competitive prices and offer 24×7 customer support. Our executives will get in touch with you if you need to discuss any matter regarding our services.