When an eCommerce business grows the data of product also grows up. This led to duplication of product data because the data is uploaded numerous times. So a lot of unwanted information is gained by an eCommerce business. This duplicated data can lead the shopper with lots of confusions and can also ruin the reputation of an estore. Product-Data-Entry-Services is the company which is providing Data Matching and De-Duplication services in order to make the data of product free from Duplicated data.

We try to provide you services in the following manner. First of all, we run the data through a mapping program which helps in tracing all the duplicated content from the data. After finding Level of duplication through mapping program, we start our De-Duplication Services. Secondly, we have all professionals who are well trained and have good knowledge in mathematics subject. So, we can also trace duplication through logic of mathematics.

We also try to match all the fields of various sources from where data is received. This is a part of Data Matching Service and by doing this we can identify the duplicated and similar information simultaneously. We also match your data with your competitor’s data in order to see that whose data is more effective. If any information that is there in your competitor’s data and not in your documents, we add those information to your product data. We also remove all the unneeded information from your product data. We are also familiar from many market place such as 3dCart, xCart, Amazon etc.

We provide Data Matching and De-Duplication Services at a very reasonable rate. We take every project very seriously and appoint a separate project manager for each project. He keeps our client updated with every information. Please contact us as soon as possible.