Product Data Entry provides invaluable services to create product listings and upload them on Amazon marketplace thus enabling you to save time and focus on core business activities. We also generate data feeds for uploading inventory on Amazon store. We understand that appropriate categorisation and updating of accurate information is very crucial for bringing about positive outcomes on Amazon estore.

Product title

Having a good title is important to aid customers in locating your product or service. We add the following details to the item names where applicable.
  • Brand name, type and model
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Key features

Product images

We help you upload pretty images of your product that truly represent its dimensions. We have skilled professionals who are experts at image editing, masking, resizing, cropping and background editing for favourable depiction of images. We ensure that your primary product image is clearly visible and has a white coloured background. We erase irrelevant and unnecessary stuff from the image so that only the main product is visible.
We take care of professional specifications recognised by Amazon such as size, image resolution and preferred file formats. We also ensure that all images are fully formed and have a valid image URL without any space or invalid characters.

Key product features

We summarise your product key features by use of short phrases to help customers get a clear idea about the product and lead him to read the entire product description.

Product description

  • We provide distinct, precise and correct information in order to describe the product in a lucid manner. We will enunciate products significant attributes like size, colour, dimensions and adaptability information to educate the customers about what the item has to offer. Moreover, we also perform a meticulous spell check and grammar check to ensure flawless readability.
  • We work on extensive internal and external search results and enter brand and manufacturer details to help customers pick out products of their choice.
  • We also feed in the product model number as it would make the customers feel certain about buying the right product.
  • We also mention the other contents included in the product box along with the primary product.
  • We include some other relevant search phrases which do not form a part of product title but may be used by a customer to search for a product.

Perks of using Product Data Entry services

  • We have an excellent team possessing specialised knowledge that beneficially supports Amazon sellers in product upload services.
  • We use cutting edge technology and tools like Blackthorne, Vendio and Amazon Bulk listing tool to appropriately manage mass item listings.
  • We are adept at handling large volumes of data and can efficiently develop and sustain product lists on Amazon thereby leading to economies of scale.
  • Sharing details with us is a simple task. Just forward us the product details and information through print or digital catalogs or URL of manufacturer.
Please get in touch with us to know more about our services.